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Q's Gun & Supply LLC

Mount and laser bore sight your scope/rifle: $25*

Custom Ballistic Chart for your rifle: Bring  your rifle and a box of your favorite hunting ammo, and Q's will test fire your rifle through a chronograph and create a laminated ballistics chart for that gun/ammo combo. If you are one of the many hunters who use a range finder, this chart is the ultimate accessory to go with it. Sure you know the range, but do you know how far your bullet drops at that range? Also has wind drift info, as well as velocity and ft/lbs energy for each range. $75*

 New Rifle Barrel Break In: Barrel break in is highly recommended by many fine firearm manufactures to get the ultimate in accuracy from these firearms. Q’s can take the drudgery out of this many hours long task for you. Q’s will follow manufacturer procedures to smooth the barrel, providing minimum fowling and greater accuracy of your firearms. $75*+ Ammo, or you provide.

Custom Load Development: Through careful testing and evaluation, Q’s can develop a custom tuned round for your rifle that will deliver pin point accuracy and potent terminal ballistics. This service includes a custom laminated ballistic chart and dialing in your scope at the range, so you can be confident when you go to the field and spot that once in a lifetime trophy you have been dreaming of. $150* + Materials.

Guided hunt: Game Trails Guide Service.  Please Contact Jerry Bishop for more info. To check out his website click on this link.